“When you pick up your program, make sure you put a big circle around a performance of The Good Girl: A Song Project. we were delighted by it at Maldon. Helen’s songs are gritty, evocative and pull no punches. Jamie and Penelope contribute beautifully to the music on concertina and whistle and Penny and Penelope breathe life and warmth into the characters. – Jane Harding, audience member

The Good Girl Song Project presents “Voyage”, a new theatrical song cycle that explores the precarious lives of immigrant women in 19th century Australia.

Songwriter and musician, Helen Begley and actor and singer, Penny Larkins established “The Good Girl Song Project” to produce original song cycles with theatrical elements and accompanying workshops that explore Australian women’s history. The Project’s main objectives are to raise awareness of women’s stories and to invite audiences and workshop participants to reflect on women’s place in their personal and community histories.

In the midst of convict boats arriving each week from Britain, a different cargo leaves for Australia. On board are 287 single and free women. They have been promised good wages, good work and good marriage prospects. To claim this promising new life they must first survive the voyage then win over the Sydney establishment.

Voyage” blurs the lines between theatre, opera and song cycle to bring to life the work of renowned Australian historian Dr Liz Rushen.  Featuring two actors(Penny Larkins and Carly Ellis), two musicians, eleven characters and seventeen original songs, “Voyage”, brings a fresh female perspective to early Australian immigration. There has been little crossover between contemporary theatre and Australian folk music, until now.