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The Good Girl Song Project presents ‘Voyage’ a universal journey story with female leads, Australian history and new Australian song writing. The action takes place on the pier at Gravesend and shipboard between England and Sydney. Three women experience the colonial migration process and life aboard an emigrant ship.

The songs are perfectly rendered in the Australian Folk idiom with echoes to folk music of Ireland and Britain using concertina(Jamie Molloy), fiddles(Carmen O’Brien and Sally Taylor), whistle(Penelope Swales), standard and celtic style guitars(Helen Begley) and bodhran( Michael Gribben). The main vocalist, Penny Larkins draws listeners into the stories of leaving in “Father Oh Father, the wistful dreams of “Poor Girl’s Dream” and “The Good Girl” and the lighter moments of these women’s journey in “Saucy Song Sung by Loose Women”.

Supporting vocalists also get their turn to shine. Penelope Swales takes a turn as Elizabeth Wade, leading the listener through the story of a troubled life and a nudge and a wink to Elizabeth’s saucy survival tactics. Helen Begley’s deeper voice lends itself to the edgier “Lifeboat” and the instrospective, “Overboard”, a ballad of a dead young woman drifting to the bottom of the ocean. The men are represented by Mick Gribben’s lead vocal on the unaccompanied gentle tease “Sailor’s Song”.

Some Reviews:

“Helen’s songs are gritty, evocative and pull no punches. Jamie and Penelope contribute beautifully to the music on concertina and whistle and Penny and Penelope breathe life and warmth into the characters. So great to see and hear one of the little known stories of the role women played in building modern Australia.”

“……beautiful performance, powerful and moving work”

“I’m listening to the CD and really enjoying it. Thank you Helen Begley for sending it to me. An amazing album. “

Interested Writing Songs from History Workshop

Wesley Centre, 150 Beaumont Street Hamilton, Newcastle

Come and be part of a songwriting workshop and produce a brand new collaborative work that uncovers an early female immigration story.

WHAT TO BRING: a local early female immigration story.

WHAT WE’LL DO: With the help of songwriter Helen Begley, singer Penny Larkins and concertina player Jamie Molloy, the group will collaborate to create a new song based on your story.

THEN WHAT? The finished song will be phone filmed and uploaded to the Good Girl Song Projects facebook page: www.facebook/thegoodgirlstory

AFTERWARDS: Come to the Newcastle Hunter Valley Folk Club at 7.30pm and watch our show “Voyage”.

COST: $20

March 23, 2018 | Yackandandah Folk Festival

We looking forward to presenting our show, “Voyage” at Yackandandah Folk Festival this year. Hope to see you there.

Friday 23rd March: Public Hall 6.30pm

Saturday 24th March: Courthouse 12.45pm

Sunday 25th March: 11am Singing Workshop with Penny

Sunday 25th March: 2.15pm Courthouse