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The Good Girl Song Project presents a filmed script reading of “Voyage”; a newly developed script based on the work of historian, Dr Liz Rushen. Dubbed a Folksical, this new form of Australian folk musical is written by Helen Begley and tells the story of story of two young women who emigrate to Australia in 1833 to begin a new life in Australia.

At its heart, is the struggle of female immigrants to prove their worth in a colony that treats their arrival with suspicion. Actors, Penny Larkins and Carly Ellis and guitarist, Helen Begley, explore the precarious lives of immigrant women in 19th century Australia with a plot that features ten characters, seventeen original songs, and Melbourne’s Tall Ship “Enterprize”.

The film script reading is planned for release at the end of November. The script reading is a precursor to the full production that will tour theatres in 2021. The Good Girl Song Project are currently in talks with a director and designer to move the show into the next stage of production in readiness for their 2021/22 season.